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Colored contact lenses come in four different types: Visibility Tints, Light-filtering Tints, Opaque Contact Lenses and enhancers.
Contact lens types: Daily Disposable, 1-2 Week Disposable, 1-3 Month Disposable, Conventional (Vial), Toric, RGP (Oxygen Permeable, Rigid Gas Permeables), Colored and Tinted, Bifocal.
Contact Lens Brands and Manufacturers: Bausch & Lomb, Biocompatibles, Boston (Rigid Gas Permeable), Ciba Vision, Cooper Vision, Johnson & Johnson (Vistakon), Ocular Sciences/American Hydron, RGP, Specialty Ultravision, Sunsoft, Wesley-Jessen.
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Contacts Lenses information Average Annual Contact Lens Price
Daily Disposable Contacts Lenses Contact Lens
1-2 Week Disposable Contacts Lenses Contact Lens
1 Month Disposable Contacts Lenses Contact Lens
Night and Day Disposable Contacts Lenses Contact Lens
Toric Disposable Contacts Lenses Contact Lens

Contact Lens Brands and Manufacturers

Tint reference guide for specific uses from ‘Complete guide to Eyecare, Eyeglasses and contact lenses’ by Walter J. Zinn and Herbert Solomon.
Work, Hobby, Interests Suggested Color and or Coating for Eyeglasses and contact lenses
Boating / Sailing dark Green, Grey or Brown with added mirror coating
Tennis Amber or Gold/Yellow indoors or on cloudy days. Green or Grey on sunny
Skiing / Snowmobiling Dark Green, Grey or Brown with added mirror coating and/or UV coating.
Racquetball Amber or Gold/Yellow with anti-reflective coating.
Hunting Gold/Yellow with anti-reflective coating on cloudy days. Green or Grey in sunlight.
Sewing / Needlecraft Light Rose, Brown, Pecan, etc. with anti-reflective coating.
Baseball, Football, Soccer, Field Hockey (Outdoor action sports) Medium Green, Grey or Brown.
Fishing in bright sun Dark Green, Grey or Brown with polarizing filter.
Night driving Anti-reflective coating.
Beach vacation Dark Green or Grey with UV and IR filter.
Computer screen Light ting with anti-reflective coating.
Piloting Dark Green or Grey Gradient with UV filter.
Golf Green or Grey on sunny days. Amber or Gold/Yellow on cloudy days.
Office work with bright overhead lighting. Light to medium gradient tint in Rose, Brown, Pecan, etc.

Color Contact Lens Manufacturers and Brands
MANUFACTURER Contact Lenses Brand
FreshLook Radiance illuminates and brightens natural eye color without changing it, in four different effects. “Moonlight” adds a silver shimmer. “Eden” provides a glimmer of green. “Autumn” gives eyes a bronzy shine, and “Sunrise” adds a sparkle of gold.
One of more popular color lenses is FreshLook ColorBlends, which uses a special 3-in-1 color technology to create subtle, natural depths for dark eyes. 3-in-1 Color Technology. FreshLook lenses are made with a new manufacturing process that incorporates an ultra-violet (UV) absorber which helps provide protection from harmful UV rays.

COOPERVISION Expressions lens. Choose from eight great colors - Jade, Blue, Aqua, Green, Hazel, Gray, Blue Topaz, and Brown.
Expressions Colors contact lenses price is usually around $35.

JOHNSON & JOHNSON Print a FREE* Trial Pair Certificate for ACUVUE ® 2 COLOURS Offer valid only within the United States of America
- Ocular Sciences manufactures soft contact lenses under brand names such as Biomedics and Edge III.
Bausch & Lomb Soft and GP (gas permeable) contact lenses

Accu Lens - A manufacturer of gas permeable contact lenses, specializing in corrections for the most difficult contact lens fits.
American Contact Lens, Inc. - Supplier of soft and RGP contact lenses to eye care professionals.
CooperVision - Provides information about CooperVision's soft contact lenses, as well as a list of eye care professionals that dispense their products.
Cantor & Nissel - One on the largest independent manufacturers of contact lenses in Europe.
Con-Cise Contact Lens Co. - RGP/PMMA contact lens manufacturer and distributor.
Contex Inc. - A manufacturer of specialty contact lenses for the ophthalmic community. Their OK Lens is FDA approved for orthokeratology.
C and H Contact Lens Inc. - Exclusive manufacturer of the Macrolens and other custom rigid gas permeable contact lenses.
Corneal Lens Corporation NZ Ltd - Manufactures lenses to prescription and distributes contact lenses from international suppliers. Consumer and practitioner information, plus links and contacts.
Conforma - Suppliers of RGP contacts.
Crystal Reflections Inc. - Specializes in custom coloring of all brands of soft contact lenses, adding special effects and therapeutic iris designs.
Cardinal Contact Lens Inc. - Manufacturer of rigid gas permeable contact lenses from Canada
Custom Color Contacts - Prosthetics and custom tinting services for soft contact lenses.
Danker Laboratories - Manufactures gas permeable contact lenses for the eye care industry.
David Thomas Contact Lenses - Privately owned company since 1972. Offers a variety of RGP soft and specialist contact lenses, includes contact information.
Extreme H2O - Molded spherical contact lens for daily wear, manufactured by Benz Research and Development.
Four Eyez - Manufacturer and distributor of fashion/novelty soft contacts.
Gelflex Laboratories - A manufacturer and developer of soft, rigid gas permeable and specialty lenses from Australia.
Hydron Contact Lens Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of disposable and conventional contacts.
Lens Dynamics - Manufacturers and distributors of soft and rgp/pmma contact lenses.
Metro Optics - Creators of custom contacts. Offering gas permeable and soft contacts in spherical, bifocal, and astigmatic designs.
Menicon - Menicon´s soft contact lenses (Menisoft) are indicated for daily wear, for the myopia, hypermetropia, and or astigmatism. Its high permeabillity garanties an excellent comfort and contribute with more oxygen to your cornea.These contact lenses must be cleaned every day and get them off to sleep.
Oculus Ltd. - A producer and exporter of contact lenses, manufacturer for Boston Lens in South East Asia.
Optical Polymer Research - Suppliers of RGP and soft contact lens blanks to manufacturers
Opti-Centre Laboratories Inc. - Supplies premium custom made rgp and soft contact lenses to the eye care industry.
Ocu-Ease Optical Products, Inc. - and Manufacturer of soft contact lenses based in Pinole, CA. Makes both standard and custom lenses, based on patient's needs.
Provis Limited - Daysoft UV - A manufacturer of one day disposables contact lenses from the United Kingdom. Brand Name: Daysoft UV.
Polymer Technology - Produces rigid gas permeable contact lenses, including the Boston brand of bifocal contact lenses and lens care products.
Paragon Vision Sciences - Manufacturer of oxygen permeable and ultra-specialty soft contact lenses.
Progressive Optical Research Inc - Manufacturer of gas permeable contact lens blanks for the wholesale labs.
Precision Vision - Manufacturer of Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses for bifocal, astigmatism and keratoconus.
St. Shine Optical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of OEM cast molding and lathe cut contact lenses, based in Taiwan.
SCL Contact Lenses, Ltd. - Producing custom hand painted contact lenses for the medical and film industry. Offers images and related site information.
Imperial Optical - An independent contact lens distributor specifically geared to providing factory sealed Brand Name contact lens products from the major American based manufacturers.
Sauflon Pharmaceuticals - A manufacturer of disposable contact lenses and solutions, for single vision and presbyopia.
Scotlens - A contact lens manufacturer. Rigid Gas Permeable lenses to individual prescriptions for Optometrists and Opticians.
Tru-Form Optics Inc. - Manufacturer of specialty rigid gas permeable contact lenses.
Innova Vision - A contact lens manufacturer, especially for cosmetic, color and fun lenses from Taiwan.
UltraVision International Ltd. - Manufactures and exports contact lenses available only via eyecare professionals. Torics, multifocals and specialist lenses are produced.
Unilens Corp. - Manufacturer of both soft and rigid multifocal contact lenses.
Westcon - Manufacturer of multifocal contact lens designs. Woehlk - Manufacturer of the classic hard contact lens from Plexiglas, rigid gas permeable and high water content soft contact lenses, monthly replacement contact lenses, colored lenses and special contact lenses.
X-Cel Contacts - Manufacturer of rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses.
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