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Foot Solution Inc.

Custom Orthopedic Footwear, Orthotics Services Toronto,

Orthopedic Footwear and Orthotic Appliances includes, but is not limited by, the distribution of the following products: orthopedic footwear, comfort shoes, diabetic shoes, orthotic appliances, surgical shoes, children's corrective shoes and orthotic devices, Orthotics and prosthetic socks, Orthotics - Upper Extremity, Spinal Orthotics, Diabetic Socks, inserts, foot orthotics, socks.

You can also search for Orthopedic Footwear & Shoe Repair Specialists in custom orthotic and orthopedic shoes medical compression stockings, therapeutic footware,

Many people suffer from foot pain at some time. For most people, the cause for foot pain is their shoes.
If shoes do not fit properly or follow the natural shape of the foot it can create foot pain.
Comfortable orthopaedic shoes are often the best solution. They are an important investment in your health.
Many people with these medical conditions need specific footwear so they can walk with safety and minimal discomfort.
Main conditions that requered specific orthopaedic footwear for minimal discomfort include:
  • injury from an accident
  • bone deformities
  • many conditions caused by diabetes.
  • neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease or cerebral palsy
    Consult a doctor if you require an orthopaedic shoe to ease the medical condition or to prevent it from getting worse or causing other health problems.
    How to choose orthopedic shoes. When the Shoe Fits.
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