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Quality Lenses. Frames and Glasses for children. Sunglasses with or without power. Toronto,

All online shops, listed on this page, have brand name contact lenses.
The prices are pretty close, but each shop has its own specific discounts, promotions, rebates, free delivery options and other important details that every customer would like to evaluate before making the choice and buy.
Please feel free to compare all choices and pay attention to:
1. Quantity discounts and rebates
2. Delivery options and prices
3. Returning policy.
4. Special offers and discounts.
5. Toll-Free Phone line.
See how you can save an additional $10-$40 on your frames and lenses online order!
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Lowest Prices Guaranteed on some items. Currency converter. Free shipping. Volume discounts.

eye glasses Frequently Asked Questions.
buying eyeglasses - How to make educated decisions about purchasing eyeglasses – both eyeglass frames and eyeglass lenses
Frames Styles : Round, Oval, Clubman, Buddy Holly, 14K Gold, Cat Eye, Jeweled, Curly Temples, Lawyer’s, Military, College, Best, Sellers, Wedding, Porsche.
Quality Lenses From: Rodenstock, Zeiss, Indo with single or multi power and in many colors
Contact lens types: Daily Disposable, 1-2 Week Disposable, 1-3 Month Disposable, Conventional (Vial), Toric, RGP (Oxygen Permeable, Rigid Gas Permeables), Colored and Tinted, Bifocal.
Contact Lens Brands and Manufacturers: Bausch & Lomb, Biocompatibles, Boston (Rigid Gas Permeable), Ciba Vision, Cooper Vision, Johnson & Johnson (Vistakon), Ocular Sciences/American Hydron, RGP, Specialty Ultravision, Sunsoft, Wesley-Jessen.
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