Medical Insurance

  1. Aetna Canada Assurance - Purchased by Maritime Life in 1999.
  2. AIG Life Insurance Company
    AIG Life Insurance Company of Canada (AIG Life of Canada), is a member company of American International Group, Inc. (AIG). The AIG Life Insurance Company of Canada offers various life insurance products...
  3. Allstate Insurance Company of Canada
    The Allstate Insurance Company of Canada, with headquarters in Markham, Ontario, is a member of one of the largest insurance organizations in the world, The Allstate Corporation. Allstate Canada...
  4. Aviva Elite
    Elite Insurance Company (Aviva Elite) is a member of Aviva Canada Inc., one of the country's leading property and casualty insurance groups and a subsidiary of Aviva plc, the world's fifth largest insurance group with more than $600 billion Cdn. in assets and 56,000 employees around the globe...
  5. Aviva Insurance
    Aviva Insurance Company has been insuring Canadians since 1906. Aviva provides a broad range of insurance products and services, including auto insurance, to policyholders through a network of independent insurance brokers...
  6. Aviva Scottish & York Insurance
    Aviva Scottish & York Insurance Company Limited provides traditional home and auto coverage, focusing on providing competitively-priced products through...
  7. AXA Group
    AXA Insurance, AXA Pacific Insurance and AXA Assurances Inc. are all members of the AXA Group. AXA Insurance offers a broad range of products which include personal auto, property, condominium and tenant insurance, as well as commercial property and general liability...
  8. Belairdirect
    Established in 1955 and now with key operations in Ontario and Quebec, belairdirect is an innovator in providing car and home insurance directly to consumers...
  9. CAA Insurance
    The Canadian Automobile Association - CAA - is a federation of 9 automotive clubs serving about 4.7 million members through 130 offices across Canada. CAA provides a wide range of member services and insurance products, including auto insurance...
  10. Canada Life Assurance Company
    The Canada Life Assurance Company (Canada Life) - a subsidiary of The Great-West Life Assurance Company - is Canada's first domestic life insurance company, founded in 1847. Canada Life Insurance provides numerous life insurance products for Canadians coast to coast...
  11. Canadian Tire Financial Services Insurance Plans
  12. Chieftain Insurance Company
    Chieftain Insurance is a division of The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company. Proudly Canadian, Chieftain Insurance offers both auto and property insurance solutions...
  13. Coachman Insurance Company
    The Coachman Insurance Company was established in 1979 and sells a full suite of property and casualty insurance products in the Ontario market. They offer competitively-priced insurance products exclusively through a network...
  14. Desjardins Financial Security
    Desjardins Financial Security, a subsidiary of Desjardins Group, the largest integrated cooperative financial group in Canada, specializes in providing life insurance and retirement savings products...
  15. Desjardins General Insurance
    At Desjardins General Insurance, we believe everything can be improved. Especially car insurance. Our true direct structure, with no commissions, means that low prices stay low...
  16. The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company
    Since 1887, The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company has been insuring Canadians' homes and automobiles with their assortment of insurance products and services...
  17. Echelon General Insurance Company
    Echelon General is a Canadian owned Insurance Company serving a national market with a wide range of niche products including but not limited to non-standard automobile insurance. Echelon is an affiliate of the Co-operators Group...
  18. Economical Mutual Insurance Company
    The Economical Insurance Group, previously called the Economical Mutual Fire Insurance Company, is one of the last mutual’s left in Canada. Some of the current insurance products and services offered by Economical include auto insurance and home insurance...
  19. Equitable Life Insurance Company
    The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada has provided Canadians with sound financial protection for over 80 years...
  20. Empire Life
    The Empire Life Insurance Company (Empire Life) offers a full range of financial products and services - including personal life insurance, critical illness coverage, investment options, group life and health benefits and group RSP plans. Head Office is located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
  21. Expert Travel Financial Security (ETFS) Inc.
    etfs was founded in Sherbrooke, Quebec in 1984 as a privately owned company specializing in group and international student insurance...
  22. Finder Financial Services Ltd.
    Finder Financial Services Ltd. connects homeowners with superior financial products and services...
  23. Gore Mutual Insurance Company
    Gore Mutual Insurance Company is Canada's oldest federally licensed mutual property and casualty insurance companies, celebrating over 160 years of quality service to Canadians...
  24. Green Shield
    Green Shield Canada was founded in 1957. They were the first provider of a pre-paid prescription drug plan in North America and are now among the leading Health Care Benefit carriers in Canada with over 1.3 million plan members...
  25. Grey Power
    Grey Power is the industry leader in providing auto and home insurance to mature Canadians. Grey Power recognizes it takes years of skill and experience to achieve a good driving record and rewards that experience...
  26. Group Medical Services
    Group Medical Services has been providing travel and health insurance to Canadians and people visiting Canada since 1949. Group Medical Services provides a range of travel insurance products for Canadians travelling abroad...
  27. The Guarantee Company of North America
    Specializes in Government Procurement Insurance Products - Largest and Oldest Independent Canadian Owned Insurance Company been around since the 1800s with current ownership based in Montreal, Quebec. Controls the lions share of insurance products procured through governmental business activities.
  28. The Great-West Life Assurance Company
    Great-West is a life and health insurance company and was founded in 1891 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  29. IA Pacific
    Industrial-Alliance Pacific Life Insurance Company, formerly known as North West Life, began as a mutual company in 1951...
  30. Intact Insurance (formerly ING Insurance)
    Intact Insurance (formerly ING Insurance) is Canada's largest home, auto and business insurance company. Canadian-owned and led, it protects over 3 million customers...
  31. InnovAssur (National Bank Insurance)
    InnovAssur General Insurance Inc. is the Property & Casualty insurer that provides car and home insurance products to Quebec residents...
  32. Kingsway General Insurance Company
    Kingsway General Insurance Company is a Kingsway Financial Services Company providing multiple insurance products for both regular and hard to place risks, including auto insurance and motorcycle insurance...
  33. LS Mutual
    LS Mutual has been providing travel insurance to Canadians and people visiting Canada since 1994. LS Mutual provides a range of travel insurance products...
  34. Missisquoi Insurance Company
    The Missisquoi Insurance Company is the oldest Canadian owned property and casualty insurance company, having been established in 1835 in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec. It is now part of The Economical Insurance Group.
  35. Millennium Insurance Company
    Millennium Insurance Corporation is a 100% Canadian owned company located in Sherwood Park Alberta. Millennium Insurance’s suite of products include personal lines automobile insurance available to residents of Alberta, Canada...
  36. National Bank Insurance National Bank General Insurance is a Property & Casualty insurance firm that provides automobile and home insurance services directly to Quebec residents under the National Bank Insurance banner.
  37. PAFCO Insurance Company
    Pafco Insurance Company provides as part of their suite of products, auto insurance. Pafco is offered through independent, licensed brokers in a number of provinces, including Ontario...
  38. PC Financial insurance.
  39. Pembridge Insurance Company
    Pembridge Insurance Company offers an array of insurance products including auto insurance, home and property insurance, and motorcycle insurance, for a broad range of risks...
  40. Perth Insurance
    Perth Insurance is a member company of The Economical Insurance Group. Its focus is on special risk personal automobile and property insurance...
  41. RBC Insurance
    RBC Insurance, the largest Canadian bank-owned insurance organization, provides a wide range of life, health, travel, home and auto and reinsurance products as well as...
  42. Royal & SunAlliance Canada
    Royal & SunAlliance Insurance Company of Canada is part of the Royal & SunAlliance Insurance Group plc. Dating back to 1710, the group provides a comprehensive range of insurance services to customers worldwide including auto insurance and property insurance...
  43. Standard Life
    The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada offers a wide range of insurance products and services to over a million individuals Canada wide including term life insurance and critical illness insurance...
  44. Sun Life Financial is a leading financial services organization in Canada known primarily as a life insurance company. Today, the company manages assets in excess of $350 billion and has more than 13,000 people on its payroll plus thousands of independent agents worldwide.
  45. TD Insurance
    TD Insurance, a subsidiary of the TD Financial Group (TDBFG) – offers a full range of insurance products and services, including auto insurance to millions of customers worldwide...
  46. TIC Travel Insurance
    TIC has been providing travel insurance to Canadians and people visiting Canada for over 50 years...
  47. Transamerica Life Insurance
    Transamerica Life Insurance Company of Canada offers a wide range of insurance products and financial services including term life insurance and critical illness insurance...
  48. Travel Guard Canada
    Travel Guard Canada is a provider of travel insurance programs, insuring millions of travellers each year...
  49. Travel Underwriters
    Travel Underwriters, is a member of TU Group. Established in 1964, Travel Underwriters offers a variety of travel insurance products to Canadians...
  50. Unity Life
    Unity Life of Canada originated in 1898. Unity Life provides Term Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance products to customers throughout Canada...
  51. Zenith Insurance
    Zenith Insurance Company is part of Lombard Canada Ltd., one of the oldest property and casualty insurance operations in Canada. /ol>
    The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for necessary medical services, but does not cover all medical expenses. Additional private insurance may be required. Please check OHIP page.
    OHIP information and locations
    Insurance  Insurance
    Insurance - Canada & US  Life insurance quotes, information, and brokerage services.
    Insurance Types  Offers free quotes and information on life insurance for Canadians.
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    Health insurance companies in the United States

    Health insurance
    1. Aetna
    2. American Association of Retired Persons
    3. American Council of Life Insurers.
    4. American Family Insurance
    5. American National Insurance Company
    6. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
    7. Assurant
    8. Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
    9. Cigna" title="Cigna">Cigna
    10. Fortis" title="Fortis">Fortis
    11. Golden Rule Insurance Company
    12. Group Health Cooperative
    13. Health Net
    14. HealthMarkets
    15. Humana Inc.
    16. Intermountain Health Care
    17. Kaiser Permanente
    18. LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon
    19. Premera
    20. Principal Financial Group
    21. Regence Group
    22. Shelter Insurance Companies
    23. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
    24. UnitedHealth Group
    25. Unitrin
    26. Wellpoint

    Types of Travel Insurance: What Coverage Can You Choose?

    Travel Health Insurance.   Emergency Hospital & Medical? (accident or sickness)    Accidental Dental    Ambulance Services    Prescription Medication

    Comprehensive emergency travel coverage offered by Insurance Companies has become an essential part of any holiday plans. Emergency medical travel insurance will cover your expenses in case you need any immediate medical attention during your trip include all the other costs associated with that including ambulances and medications. To apply for coverage, in some companies you must be a resident of Canada and covered under a government health insurance plan. It is important that you read the policy, paying particular attention to "pre-existing condition," and other exclusions that apply to your coverage.

       Be a permanent Canadian resident    Be covered by your provincial healthcare and hospitalization insurance plans the whole time you're away    Enrol before your departure date for the entire expected duration of your trip    Start and end your trip in your home province
    The premium is calculated based on:
  52. The duration of your trip
  53. Your age
  54. The coverages you've selected
  55. Your health (age 55 and up)
  56. Coverage for eligible emergency medical expenses for travellers under age 60.
  57. Coverage for eligible emergency medical expenses for travellers age 60 or older.
  58. TravelCare Medical (Single-Trip)
  59. TravelCare Medical (Mulit-Trip Annual)
    Which Plan is Right for You?

    Many hospitals or doctors in foreign countries will not accept insurance from another country as guarantee of payment; instead, you can be required to pay out of your own pocket for any medical expenses you might incur. This can easily cost thousands of dollars if you end up having to be hospitalized or are injured badly. Even without catastrophic events, regular health care can cost hundreds of dollars per visit.

    Compare different travel medical insurance plans to better understand which features and benefits are right for you on your next trip.
    Compare the most competitive companies in the Health Insurance business.
  60. Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption.
  61. Travel Life Insurance.
  62. Flight Delay and Cancellation and Lost Baggage.
  63. Take All of the Policy Information with You When Travelling
    Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada usual offers emergency medical coverage to non-Canadians (visitors, immigrants and foreign students) during your stay in Canada.

    Shopping for Travel Medical Insurance
    For more information about your OHIP benefits when you are away from Ontario, visit the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

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